Jan   Ice Harvesting
Feb  Kettles Parasailing
Mar   Sam Patchin's Ice Caper
Apr   Blueberry Adventure

May An Adirondack Spring-Dorothy Watts Goodfellow
June Hague Regatta 1913

July Let the "horning" begin
Tales of Witt Cook
John Jay Journey.pdf
Oct   Election Day
Nov  Bear Scare
Dec    Christmas - Watts Family


Jan Silver Bay Ice Harvesting

Feb The Great Flood of 1947

Mar Winter Sports Exhibit

Apr Hague Central School Memories

May Bowling Billiard Pavilion

​June Ticknor's Fishing & Boat Ride Service

July  Home Bureau- Betty Decker

AuHague Steamboat Landing.pdf

Sep-Riding the Steamer Waves!.pdf

Oct-Hague Revisits Steamboat Days-Mary Behr.pdf

Nov-Mothers' Club.pdf

Dec-William D'Alton Mann, A Villain in Sheep's Clothing.pdf


​Jan -  Hague Fishing Weir

Feb - Post Office at Graphite

Mar - Grace Hudowalski - 46er#9

April - Laughter-Hague High Herald 1972

May - Duck on the Wing-George Spelman

June - Memories of a Silver Bay EMP

​​Published in The Hague Chronicle

In 2007, when the Town of Hague celebrated its Bicentennial, the Board of the Hague Historical Society agreed to maintain a continuum of historical information for the public through a column in The Hague Chronicle. This column would share bits and pieces of Hague history with interested readers.

2008 saw the beginning of the Looking Back column. In 2013, the year of our 50th anniversary, the Society proudly published a collection of Looking Back columns dedicated to all those who had served as officers during those five decades. These articles were researched for the Hague Historical Society by Patricia McDonough.

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