Earthquake Retrofitting Tips of Your Building 

If you have an old building or home, chances are you need to do some retrofitting to earthquake protect your property. Some places experience more seismic events than others. If you leave where constant earthshaking occurs, you might need this kind of service. 

Earthquake Retrofitting

You need to find experts who can do the job for you. But how? This service can be costly but it is for the safety of your tenants and your property as well. So, you might want to read the tips below: 

  1. Conserving the parking lot. During an earthquake, the first building that collapses is the basement. Usually in the basement is where the parking lot is located. For the tenant, each space where they live is a convenience to them. To help protect this space, as a landlord you need to retrofit it. In this way, during an earthquake, the place is more stabilize when any seismic event occurs.
  2. You don’t need to relocate your tenants. When the place is seismic proof, it can receive less damage from earthquakes. This means that you don’t need to relocate your tenant. The reconstruction of the place but without the need of removing the tenants. It will be less stress for the tenants and you. This is because relocating mightcostyou thousands of dollars. But when the place is still livable, they can remain at their own places. 
  3. A safe place to live for the tenants. When an earthquake strikes,yourbuilding can still be a place to live. For those places are retrofitted, the place will take small damages only. The tenants can still enjoy their private place. Looking for a contractor to do the minimal job is not easy also. You need some guidelines on how to do it. In this way, you cannot cause any inconvenience to your tenants. How will they do the job? Does it require any big disturbance? What will be the condition of your tenant while reconstruction is going on? 

Tips for Earthquake Retrofitting Your Building 

Tip 1: Checking the building code in San Francisco.  

You need to go to the local building department of your place and ask about the code of each building. This code serves as a guide if you require a structural engineer to check your place or not. These codes keep the tenants safe because it will adhere to the standard of building the structure. Your local building might provide this structural engineer for the design of your building. They might also give free plans for your earthquake retrofit San Francisco company.  

Tip 2: Check the foundation of your building.  

The company shall inspect the foundation of your house Through inspection, they will find out what is lacking in your foundation. For example, if your house is only built with walls, it might need posts to make it strong. The posts will strengthen your house when seismic activity occurs. Be sure to make our foundation stronger so your house won’t collapse. But how can you do that? You have to find the retrofit expert to check the foundation of your house. They will give evaluation and suggestions to your construction. 

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