Hague historical Society

2018 Board of Trustees

President: Mary Behr
Vice-President: Kathi Ramant
Secretary: Nancy Bergh
Treasurer: Enid Engler 
Ginger Henry Kuenzel, Town Board Representative
Steve Ramant, Town Board Representative
Sally DeLarm Rypkema, Town Historian 
Pam Bresett
Susan Darrin
Shelley Gautreau

About Us

In February 1963 a group of fifteen local residents of the Town of Hague got together to form the Hague Historical Society.  They were interested in learning more about Hague’s history and in beginning the process of collecting artifacts and information to share with future generations.

Their initial meetings were at the Hague Central School’s auditorium.  Later they met at the Baptist Church and ultimately at the Hague Community Center with one of them selected each month as a speaker on such topics as the graphite mines, genealogy, local industries, churches, the old cemetery, and family heirlooms.

Our present organization evolved over time and today  the Society has a Board of Trustees comprised of nine members plus a representative from the Town Board and the Town Historian.  This structure brings together a broad spectrum of talents and interests that serves the organization well.

In 2006 the Historical Society assumed responsibility for the Hague Historical Museum that is housed in the Community Center. At that time a visionary committee renovated the museum bringing it up to standards of the new century.    At the same time, through the dedication of volunteers, an inventory of the collection was completed, allowing us to have documentation of our artifacts.

Our efforts now center around maintaining and expanding the collection in an archival-safe environment, maintaining the Museum in a manner appealing to the public, and developing and installing exhibits throughout the year that are of interest.  The  Society seeks to present educational programs on the history of Hague as well as programs of interest to all those who appreciate the value of history in our modern lives.